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Eddie Izzard receives a surprise hedge from Ross Noble on Freewheeling

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I was in hysterics when I watched this.

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Ross Noble - Pictures of You


Damon & Jamie cracking up in the green room during the fight between Ross Noble & Jonathan Ross [x]

Ross Noble ALWAYS takes over.

My Ross Noble review.

Finally got around to finishing it and getting all the pictures uploaded. I’m just annoyed that it just keep reverting back to boring bland website instead of the one I had made pretty but oh well. Check it out for ross noblings and pictures. 

Writing my Ross Noble experience + review, wil post a link when completed. Soooo many pictures and memories. I just wished it never ended.

One of the best days of my life. 


I cannot sit still because of my excitement.

Going for food straight after work then to see Ross Noble.

What would make my year would be to meet him.

I live in hope for this :D